Cartography Workshop talk from Ohio GIS.

ArcMap Typography NACIS talk.

NACIS, North American Cartographic Information Society, specifically their journal, Cartographic Perspectives. I think CP is only available to members, but I saved a couple here, here, and here. I hope those links work, I might bulk download a bunch and send you them – remind me if you want these. I found the archives, maybe you can access these?

Cartotalk is a great place to lurk or participate.

Imhoff Positioning Names on Maps.


These links are from my rss reader so the links are to the rss version of the pages, should be easy to get to real thing if you wanted to. I use feedly because I used google reader before and Google shut that down. You should check out reader, it’s basically a contemporary newspaper and you choose the content. Feltron is fucking awesome and super inspirational. Great interactive mapping/data examples and tutorials Smashing mag is awesome for web reference and inspiration Esri’s arcpy blog, good tips and tricks and snippets Mapbox’s blog Peek inside Google’s spatial data world



Cartography an Introduction is a nice concise guide/primer – it might be floating around as a pdf on the interwebs.

Adobe Kuler, color help.

ColorBrewer, color for maps.

TypeBrewer, type for maps. -meh, this one is not too awesome but could be useful, at least for the concept of combining typefaces in cartogrpahy


My handle is BGCarto. I’m not super active but you should be able to see who I follow. I’d recommend:








@williamscraigm (esri programmer)




@mbostock (D3 creator)









Photogrammetry with UAV acquired imagery in Agisoft

Aerial data processing with Agisoft

UAV orthomosaic Agisoft & QGIS

GDAL and Agisoft



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